Starting May 21, 2024

Minneapolis, MN


Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Forecasting Loyalty: The Predictive Path to Retaining Your Workforce

Session Type: General Session

Date and Time:Wednesday, May 22, 2024 | 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm


Adam Smith

Senior Director Human Resources

The Wolff Company


Karen Richardson


Richardson Talent Solutions


Shawn Messner

Managing Director, Investment Banking

Needham & Company


Severine Petras

Founder and CEO

Priority Life Care, LLC

“Forecasting Loyalty: The Predictive Path to Retaining Your Workforce” explores the innovative strategies of predictive analytics in maintaining a robust workforce. Extending its relevance beyond the senior housing and care sector, this discussion draws on the dynamic world of hotels and hospitality, alongside exclusive membership clubs and various sectors renowned for delivering high-end consumer experiences. Recognized for their rapid pace and challenges in talent retention, these industries are exemplars of the critical need for consistent customer service excellence. We’ll delve into how predictive analytics can enhance employee engagement and stability, offering a roadmap for organizations where the continuity of outstanding service is not just expected but essential for success.


Innovative Approaches to Employee Retention

  • Predictive Staffing Models: Discover how predictive analytics provide a window into future staffing requirements, aligning employee presence with resident needs seamlessly.
  • Talent Attraction through Data: Delve into the ways data can illuminate the path to attracting top-tier talent, ensuring your team is not just skilled but also a perfect fit for your community’s culture and values.
  • Performance Metrics: Learn to craft and apply key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure and enhance the efficacy of predictive analytics in your recruitment and retention strategies.


Session Goals:

  • Analytical Forecasting: Understand the mechanics behind predictive analytics in forecasting staffing trends and how it can lead to preemptive hiring, thus reducing turnover rates.
  • Strategic Talent Acquisition: Gain insights on using data-driven approaches to spot and secure the industry’s best talents.
  • KPIs for Continuous Improvement: Establish and utilize KPIs to continually refine your predictive analytics approach for ongoing workforce development.


Elevating the Employee Experience

 Participants will emerge with a fresh perspective on the potential of predictive analytics to not only foresee but shape the future of workforce dynamics. This session is your stepping-stone to creating a work environment where every member of your staff feels valued, understood, and integral to the success of your community.

Prepare to transform the way you view and manage your workforce through the predictive lens. This session promises a collaborative exploration of data-driven techniques that are enhancing workforce retention across industries, equipping you with the knowledge to fortify your team for the long haul.

  • Understand how predictive analytics can forecast staffing needs based on resident needs.
  • Explore data to identify and attract top talent.
  • Learn how to establish key performance indicators to evaluate the effectiveness of predictive analytics in recruitment and retention to ensure continuous improvement.