Starting May 7, 2025

Indianapolis, IN


Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Analytics Unveiled: Enhancing Senior Living from First Impressions to Lasting Loyalty

Session Type: Analyst Breakout

Date and Time:Wednesday, May 22, 2024 | 11:00 am - 12:00 pm


Traci Bild

Founder and Chief Visionary Officer

Bild & Co


Vik Kashyap

Founder & CEO

Toi Labs


Justin Dickinson



The Art of Analytics in Crafting Memorable Senior Living Journeys

“Analytics Unveiled: Enhancing Senior Living from First Impressions to Lasting Loyalty” unravels the complexities and rewards of utilizing analytics in senior housing. In a landscape where the initial decision to move and quality of life experienced after that move are pivotal, this session will delve into targeted marketing strategies and data-driven retention techniques that keep residents deeply engaged.

Real World Applications and Innovations

  • Marketing Mastery: With Traci Bild’s expertise, explore how the sales cycle in senior housing has transformed and what data-driven marketing means in today’s digital landscape, including advances like geofencing and consumer analytics.
  • Resident Wellness and Prevention: Vik Kashyap will bring to light the significance of passive data collection and how it contributes to a holistic understanding of resident health and wellness, ultimately influencing the length of stay and satisfaction.
  • Operational Overhaul: Discuss the integration of disparate technological solutions into a cohesive system that enhances efficiency and asset management.


Session Goals:


  • Insightful Exploration: Navigate the journey from attracting prospective residents with innovative marketing to enhancing long-term satisfaction and community loyalty through sophisticated analytics.
  • Optimized Operations: Discuss how to use analytics to transform decision-making in senior living communities, thereby optimizing occupancy rates and operational efficiency.
  • Stakeholder Synergy: Understand the importance of aligning data collection ambitions with managing perceived risks, facilitating better data sharing and communication among all stakeholders.

Panelist Perspectives

  • Sales & Marketing Adaptation: How senior housing sales have evolved over time, the changing consumer profile, and the need for the sales process to adapt to meet these new demands.
  • Technology’s Role in Resident Wellness and Sustained Quality of Life Enhancement: The influence of passive data collection on retention strategies, breaking down silos between point solutions, and adapting to the changing demands for comprehensive resident data.
  • Stakeholder Communication: How technology is reshaping expectations for operator response times and enhancing transparency across the board.

An Analytical Adventure

Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the analytical tools and approaches that can be applied to improve every step of the resident journey. From first contact to continuous satisfaction, this session will provide the insights needed to elevate the senior living experience to new, more valuable heights.

By the end of the session, attendees will envision a future state where enhanced analytics lead to improved resident experiences and operational excellence. The final takeaways will emphasize the need for increased operator responsiveness, stakeholder transparency, and the integration of passive data collection strategies to inform a comprehensive, data-enriched approach to senior living.