Starting May 21, 2024

Minneapolis, MN


Wednesday, May 22, 2024

A New Era in Senior Living – Elevating Your Business With AI

Session Type: General Session

Date and Time:Wednesday, May 22, 2024 | 8:30 am - 9:30 am


Justin Grammens

Founder & CEO

Recursive Awesome, Lab 651 & Applied AI


Nick Lindberg




Kyle Gardner

Chief Operating Officer

NIC MAP Vision

Embark on an Innovative Journey with AI in Senior Living

Uncover the practical applications of AI in the evolving landscape of senior living with our session, ‘A New Era in Senior Living – Elevating Your Business With AI.’ This session isn’t just about what AI might do in the future; it’s about the tangible tools AI offers today, and how you can implement them in various aspects of your business, from daily operations to asset management. We’ll explore where to start with AI, which elements of your operating business or investment portfolio can benefit from its deployment, and how it serves as a catalyst for real-world applications. Hear firsthand from a senior living operator who has successfully integrated AI, reaping substantial benefits in personalized resident care and operational efficiency. Join us to learn how AI can not only optimize your business but also significantly enhance the quality of life for those in senior housing.

What You’ll Discover/Key Learnings

  • Transformative AI Solutions: Uncover the cutting-edge AI technologies that streamline facility operations, elevate resident care, and herald the advent of futuristic living environments.
  • Predictive Healthcare & Personalized Experiences: Gain insight into AI’s critical role in forecasting health incidents and tailoring resident experiences, thereby setting new standards in personalized healthcare.
  • Operational Excellence & Strategic Insights: Explore how AI contributes to operational efficiency, enabling staff

to focus on what matters most, and guides C-suite leaders in making informed investment decisions with actionable data insights.


Session Goals

This session showcases real-world success stories of AI integration within senior living, emphasizing its impact on operational excellence and resident well-being. Participants will learn about the collaborative strategies for AI adoption, ensuring a seamless transition into this new era of empowered senior care.

Engage with Experts

Our dynamic panel, featuring visionary AI advocate Justin Grammens, moderator Kyle Gardner, and Nick Lindberg, CTO with HumanGood, concludes with an open forum for audience interaction, encouraging a vibrant exchange of ideas and questions.

A New Paradigm Awaits

Step into a session designed to challenge conventional thinking and inspire actionable insights for integrating AI into senior living communities. Discover how embracing AI technology will redefine tomorrow’s senior care landscape.