Starting May 7, 2025

Indianapolis, IN


Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Data as a Compass: Guiding C-Suite Decisions with Insights from Beyond

Session Type: Executive Breakout

Date and Time:Wednesday, May 22, 2024 | 9:45 am - 10:45 am


Brian Wenger

JD, Founder & CEO

Radius Living


Levi Bailey

VP, Enterprise Data Platform & Integration



Joelle Poe

CEO and founder

Centered Care, Inc.

Elevating Executive Decision-Making Through Cross-Industry Wisdom

“Data as a Compass: Guiding C-Suite Decisions with Insights from Beyond” is an elite session designed for top executives in the senior living sector. This unique gathering is devoted to unraveling the transformative power of data-driven leadership by delving into the strategic realms of adjacent industries. Join us as we bridge the gap between sectors, exploring how the C-suite leverages big data to craft decisions that redefine customer service, operational efficiency, and workforce development.

What You’ll Discover / Key Learnings

  • Broaden Your Horizons: Step beyond the boundaries of senior living to discover how leaders in health insurance and pharmacy are utilizing big data to shape their strategies. Gain insights from Dalia Powers, CIO of Humana, and Brian Wenger, founder of Radius Living, as they reveal the impact of data analytics on decision-making processes.
  • Cross-Industry Inspiration: Learn about the innovative approaches to customer service models that can be adapted to enrich the senior living experience. See how the principles of big data from health insurers, pharmacies, and other adjacent industries can inform your strategies to improve end-user outcomes.
  • Technological Advancements: Explore the latest technologies harnessed by other sectors and consider how these can be leveraged within senior living to enhance operational efficiency and elevate the quality of life for residents.


Session Goal

 This exclusive discussion is aimed at empowering senior living executives with actionable insights from the C-suite of adjacent industries. Our goal is to provide a platform for knowledge exchange that will inspire you to leverage data and analytics, fostering innovation and strategic decision-making within your organizations.


A Meeting of Minds

Prepare for an engaging dialogue that promises to broaden your perspective on the strategic use of data. This session is not just about listening; it’s about participating in a vibrant exchange of ideas with fellow executives who are equally committed to excellence and innovation.


Unlock the Potential

Join us for a session that transcends traditional industry boundaries, offering you a unique opportunity to harness the potential of data-driven strategies from across the business spectrum. Elevate your leadership and decision-making with insights that drive success and transformation in the senior living sector.