Starting May 7, 2025

Indianapolis, IN


Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Narratives in Numbers: Shaping the Future of Senior Living Through Data

Session Type: General Session

Date and Time:Tuesday, May 21, 2024 | 2:00 pm - 3:15 pm


Dusanka Delovska-Trajkova, CHCIO, CDH-E

Chief Information Officer



Justin Hutchens

Executive Vice President, Senior Housing and Chief Investment Officer

Ventas, Inc.


Lisa McCracken

Head of Research & Analytics



Arick Morton


NIC MAP Vision


Azhar Jameeli

Managing Director

IRA Capital

Harnessing Data to Transform Senior Care

“Narratives in Numbers: Shaping the Future of Senior Living Through Data” is a forward-thinking session revealing the profound impact of data on the senior housing and care landscape. This session provides a comprehensive exploration of how data-driven insights are crafting a new narrative for senior living communities, highlighting superior health outcomes, optimizing operational efficiencies, and paving the way for strategic growth.


What You’ll Discover / Key Learnings

  • Impactful Health Outcomes: Delve into the results of recent studies by NORC at the University of Chicago illustrating the significant benefits of senior housing on residents’ health compared to those living in the community. Understand how senior living communities contribute to healthier, more fulfilling lives for older Americans.
  • Penetration Rate Drivers: Engage with the latest NIC analytics on utilization, occupancy, and penetration rates. Gain a deeper understanding of these metrics, their drivers, and the implications for your operations and strategic planning.
  • Leveraging Data for Strategic Advantage: Hear firsthand from industry leaders about how analytics are critical in informing business decisions, driving occupancy and retention, and demonstrating value to partners across the healthcare ecosystem.


Session Goal

This session illuminates the vital role of data and analytics in enhancing operational efficiency, improving resident experiences, and driving transformative growth for our sector. Participants will explore real-world case studies and best practices, understanding how to leverage analytics for informed decision-making.

Engage with Industry Leaders

Join our esteemed panel, including executives from Ventas, NIC, Belmont Village Senior Living, and NIC MAP Vision for a deep dive into the transformative power of data in senior living. This 75-minute session features NIC research, including health outcomes and case studies, and culminates in an interactive panel discussion with audience polling and Q&A.

A Call to Action

Step into a session that enlightens and empowers attendees with the tools to harness the power of data for the betterment of senior living communities. Learn how to navigate the data-rich landscape of today’s industry, turning insights into actions that elevate care, optimize operations, and drive strategic growth.