Starting September 27, 2023

Minneapolis, MN


Thursday, September 28, 2023

Buy vs. Sell

Focus Areas: Active Adult Senior Housing Skilled Nursing

Session Type: General Session

Date and Time:Thursday, September 28, 2023 | 2:30 pm - 3:45 pm


Zach Bowyer, MAI, MRICS

Senior Managing Director

Cushman & Wakefield


Sebastian Brown

Managing Director Senior Living

RSF Partners


Cameron Bell

Vice President, Portfolio Management



Carri Hanson

VP Strategy and Analytics

Ventas Inc.

This learning forum will include interactive discussions utilizing a buy-versus-sell property case study from the perspectives of both an owner and a potential buyer. Participants will join a facilitated discussion after hearing an overview on data availability and underwriting methodologies from Justin Hutchens, chief investment officer of Ventas. In these smaller group discussions, attendees will use the case study to determine whether as an owner to either hold or sell an existing property or as a buyer to pursue or forego a property acquisition. Discussions will address the importance of using data analysis to inform investment decisions, including understanding the impacts of financing costs, rent growth projections, and numerous other factors.